Akshi Dhara


Akshi Dhara ou Netra Dhara comme il est bien connu est le flux de médicaments qui sont apaisants pour l’œil sont lentement coulés dans l’œil.

The word Akshi or Netra means the eyes and Dhara means the stream. considered best among all the kriya Kalpa procedures for the proper nourishment of the eyes, and a good healer in bringing the visual acuity of the eye back to its best function.

Elaneer Kuzhambu the elixir for the eye is dropped in the eye for healing followed by the coconut water wash for that ultimate cleanse leaving back the feel of freshness and clarity of the vision and the sclera of the eye. Recommended in the strained eye, or if you working in front of the computer or other self-illuminating screen for long hours or if you have just gone through an eye infection.

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