Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort
Phuket Yoga Retreats

Join one of our permanent Mangosteen Phuket Yoga Retreats or host your retreat at The Mangosteen

Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort
Phuket Yoga Retreats

Join one of our permanent Mangosteen Yoga Retreats or host your retreat at The Mangosteen


365 Days Phuket Yoga & Ayurveda

“Yoga is part of Ayurveda…and Ayurveda is part of Yoga”

At the Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort, we created an atmosphere, which is inspiring and calming, beautiful and unique. The adult-only peace and tranquillity of the resort will very quickly change your moods and if you join one of our ongoing Phuket Yoga Retreat Programs, you will be instantly connected to others. Dare to join, even if you have never tried, our classes are suitable for complete beginners, intermediate and advanced practitioners!

Get into holiday mode, no matter if you join a program or not. The resort follows a mixed concept, offering the Wellness, Ayurveda, and Yoga programs but at the same time, caters to “normal” holiday makers with an excellent choice of meals and wines. So, it’s completely up to you how you design your holiday retreat program.

We run AyurYoga Retreats, Ayurveda & Yoga, all year round.

Join one of the Mangosteen Phuket Yoga Retreats at any day of the year or organize your own retreat at the resort. If you are an organizer or just want to run your own program with a few friends, please send us a message here.

Ayurveda, Wellness And Yoga Retreats, Vegetarian, Vegan, Organic Healthy Food And Drinks At Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort, Rawai, Phuket.

“A relaxing experience”

Absolutely gorgeous resort and rooms. The owner and the staff are lovely. Good healthy food. Some really great yoga teachers. The Ayurveda Doctor was exceedingly kind to give my friend and I some advice on how to find better balance. It’s perfect if you are looking for a chill experience with some relaxed Yoga sessions daily.

“Best combination of pleasure and health”

I was there for a Wellness and Phuket Yoga Retreat and enjoyed Yoga and Wellness every day. The Yoga was amazing as there are different Yoga teachers every morning and you can learn about the different styles, and which one works best for you. The Wellness team at the Spa is very professional and I experienced perfect massages in the beautiful resort. But the best thing in this resort in my opinion are the people there. You really feel that the staff from the resort as well as the yoga teachers want to make you happy and that they pay attention for your needs. This creates a nice and positive atmosphere.

Can I do Yoga?

Beginners welcome

There are many kinds of yoga practices by daily changing teachers, so it is possible for anyone to start. Whether you’re a couch potato or an athlete, size and fitness levels do not matter because there are modifications for every yoga pose to fit beginners in every style. The idea is to explore your limits, not strive for perfection. It is a wonderful way to get in tune with your body and your inner self.”

Physical benefits

The relaxation techniques incorporated in yoga can lessen chronic pain, such as lower back pain, headaches, arthritis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Yoga can also reduce insomnia and lower blood pressure.

Other physical benefits of yoga include:

  • increased flexibility
  • increased muscle strength and tone
  • maintaining a balanced metabolism
  • improved respiration, energy, and vitality
  • cardio and circulatory health
  • improved athletic performance
  • weight reduction
  • protection from injury

Mental benefits

Aside from the physical benefits, one of the benefits of yoga is how it helps manage stress, which is known to have devastating effects on the body and mind. Stress can reveal itself in many ways, including sleeping problems, back or neck pain, headaches, drug abuse, and an inability to concentrate. Yoga can be highly effective in developing coping skills and reaching a more positive outlook on life.

Incorporation of meditation and breathing in Yoga can help improve mental well-being. Regular yoga practice creates mental clarity and calmness, increases body awareness, relaxes the mind, relieves chronic stress patterns, centres attention, and sharpens concentration. Body- and self-awareness are most beneficial because they can help with early detection of physical problems and allow for preventive action.

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