Mangosteen AyurYoga Programs and Wellness Escapes are coming with all daily meals, tasty, wholly, healthy and super fresh. Enjoy the great food every day, served with our special Life-Drinks. For those who wish to order a la Carte, there is a separate menu with Ayurvedic, Vegetarian and Vegan dishes.


Our Chefs are using only the best and healthiest ingredients available, combining great taste with freshness and health benefits. Unfortunately, the trend of using more Sugar and MSG (monosodium glutamate) for Thai food in local restaurants is just getting worse and worse. Both “ingredients” are highly addictive and many Thais now just eat nothing without them anymore. Most of them are unaware of the dangers. Eating at the Mangosteen Restaurant however means, staying away from these negative trends.

Enjoy your healthy Satvik meals every day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our sets are well balanced, light but nutritious and very tasty. Losing weight, feeling light and fresh without starving or missing anything.

Natural Green Hydroponics Vegetables: We are purchasing all vegetables from one of the best local hydroponic and organic farms, which is the guarantee for best, healthy quality. Prices for organic vegetables are much higher but we believe your health is worth more.

Rice-Bran Cooking Oil: The ideal cooking oil for many Thai dishes, as the smoke point is much higher than the one of Palm Oil, which is otherwise used. As Palm Oil is by far the cheapest, it is the cooking oil of choice at all local restaurants. It is at the same time the unhealthiest oil available, so we are not using it at all.

Gourmet Olive Oil, Cold-Pressed: Using only best cold-pressed olive oil for all our western cuisine, our guests can easily taste the difference. Olive oils are imported from Spain and relatively expensive here in Thailand, therefore not commonly used in most restaurants. Enjoy our healthy Mediterranean dishes, prepared with gourmet olive oil only.

Organic Brown Jasmin Rice & Riceberry: Try our AAA quality organic Rice and Riceberry. As usual, we only purchase the very best quality available in Thailand. This kind of rice is not served anywhere in Phuket apart from one well know Thai Restaurant in Phuket.