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Healthy Cuisine

Using the best and healthiest ingredients only, the Mangosteen Chef’s also spoil your taste buds


Mangosteen Nutrition

Mangosteen AyurYoga Programs and Wellness Escapes include daily meals that are tasty, whole, healthy and fresh. Every day, you’ll be enjoying great food served with Life-Drinks. For those wanting a la Carte, we also have a separate menu with Ayurvedic, Vegetarian and Vegan dishes.

Healthy Cuisine
Our chefs use the best and healthiest ingredients, ensuring you get great taste combined with freshness and health benefits. Eating at the local restaurants means an over-saturation of Sugar and MSG (monosodium glutamate), having highly addictive qualities that many fall victim to, being unaware about the dangers. At the Mangosteen Restaurant, you can eat with peace, as we put you at the forefront.

You can enjoy your Satvik meals throughout the day, whether breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our sets are well balanced, delivering nutrition while still remaining light and tasty. If your goal is to lose weight, this is a healthy way of feeling light and fresh without feeling famished.

Natural Green Hydroponics Vegetables
We purchase our vegetables from the best local hydroponic and organic farms, guaranteeing the best in quality. The premium we pay for organically grown vegetables is well worth the health benefits.

Rice-Bran Cooking Oil
This is the ideal cooking oil for many Thai dishes, as these have a much higher smoke point than the normally used Palm Oil. Palm oil is used heavily due to its low price, yet it is also the least healthy option available. We don’t use it here, as your health is our priority.

Gourmet Olive Oil, Cold-Pressed
For our western cuisine, we use only the best cold-pressed olive oil, and the differences are obvious once you have a taste. We use olive oils imported from Spain for the best possible taste.

Organic Brown Jasmin Rice & Riceberry
We use AAA quality organic rice and riceberry in our dishes.  We use only the best ingredients available in Thailand. You won’t find this type of rice anywhere in Phuket.

Ayurveda Cuisine – Vegan Cuisine – Life Drinks

Mangosteen Restaurant

A Taste of our Cuisine

Ayurveda Cuisine

With Ayurveda cuisine, we use the natural elements in food to assist in the day to day processes of the body without placing unnecessary strain.

Vegan Cuisine

Our main aim is to supply your body & major metabolic organs with natural nutrients from organic vegetables & foods removing toxins.

Life Drinks

Try a fresh Super-Drink, for detoxification, vitamin boost, boosting your immune system or simply as a healthy refreshment.

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