Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort
The Spa Facilities


Steam Saunas, Himalaya Rock-Salt Infrared Sauna, Tourmaline & Germanium Stone Far-Infrared Dome Sauna, Magnesium Bath Jacuzzi, Ice Tub, Fitness Room, Prana Yoga Sala, Ananda Yoga Room, Veda Villa, Ayurveda Herbs Supply


Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort

The Spa Facilities

Steam Saunas, Himalaya Rock-Salt Infrared Sauna, Tourmaline & Germanium Stone Far-Infrared Dome Sauna, Magnesium Bath Jacuzzi, Ice Tub, Fitness Room, Prana Yoga Sala, Ananda Yoga Room, Veda Villa, Ayurveda Herbs Supply


For the benefit of your health and pleasure the Mangosteen Ayurveda Spa is equipped with the following features.

The list is getting longer and longer, it’s always work in progress, as we constantly develop our facilities further.

Ananda Yoga & Meditation Room

Ananda Yoga Room Description

Magically Special

The Ananda Yoga & Meditation Room is centrally located right above the reception, offering a breathtaking view of The Phuket Big Buddha, Cape Panwa, Phi Phi Islands, Coral-, Lone-, Bon-, Racha Yai and Racha Noi Islands.

The room is normally used with all doors open to allow the nice fresh breeze to pass through. In addition, there are powerful fans ventilating the room. It can, however, also be air-conditioned.

The teak wood floor is uniquely designed in a “spider web” shape, the ceiling is also made from teak wood. The unique and beautiful, handmade Thai style chandelier provides an incredibly special atmosphere, together with the illuminated ancient Buddha statue.

A large 65-inch TV is installed, as well as a sound system with 6 loudspeakers and wireless microphones.

The room comfortably accommodates up to 20 people for Yoga and Meditation sessions. 

Prana Yoga Sala & Waterfall

Prana Yoga Sala & Waterfall

Yoga in Nature

Our magnificent, new teak wood Prana Yoga Sala is situated in the middle of the tropical garden with a little forest, opposite an artificial waterfall. The waterfall provides a soothing sound whilst guests are enjoying their Yoga practice, surrounded by palm trees, flowers and singing birds. The Sala has been designed like a Mangosteen Villa and blends perfectly into the resort landscape.

The Prana Sala accommodates up to 18 “Yogis” and as it is illuminated, it can be used any time.

Himalayan Rocksalt Infrared Sauna

Himalayan Rocksalt Infrared Sauna - Benefits

The Benefits

Enriched with more than 84 trace elements, minerals and iron make it the King among the salts for all its medicinal values and health benefits.

It is learned that over 300 million years ago an ocean existed where the Himalayan mountains are today the massive mineral deposit in the mountains were protected and sealed off pollution from contamination, preserving the natural salt’s purity.

The color of Himalayan salt can range from crystal white to different shades of pink, and even deep reds. The shade is the result of high mineral and iron content. These are the unique qualities that make Himalayan salt one of the purest forms of salt available.

The mineralization density in the air increases when the salt is subjected to a heat of 35 ` C and above with which researchers have found:

  • Better breathing & less frequency of respiratory problems.
  • Positive ions in the air improve your overall mental and emotional health, helping you to stabilize pH and Oxidative Stress numbers in the human body to relax and de-stress.
  • Healing of Skin problems such as Eczema or dermatitis. Improving the luster of skin and promoting overall health.

The best part is Himalayan Salt, nor its ingredients, have shown any known adverse side effects or organ system involvement, contraindications, or interactions with any food or drug, allowing the product to be used for extended periods of time. The time course and strength of its effects make it a viable alternative to common sea salt.

At the Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort enjoy the goodness of the Infrared Sauna healing the painful muscles with the medicinal benefits of the Himalayan salt and view of the Andaman Bay.

Probably the only Himalayan Rocksalt Infrared Sauna in the World with such a beautiful sea view!

Indian Herbal Steam Sauna

Indian Herbal Steam Sauna - Benefits

The Benefits

The original Indian steam sauna has been imported to further enrich your options for a healthy time at the Mangosteen. We placed it in the outside area of the Veda Villa, an ideal private and comfortable environment.

There are numerous benefits, depending on the herbs we use and what we want to achieve, for example:

  • It improves circulation by dilating the blood vessels and increasing blood flow.
  • It enhances skin health by opening the pores and removing impurities and toxins.
  • It aids workout recovery by easing sore muscles and reducing inflammation.
  • It balances Vata dosha by providing warmth and moisture to the body.
  • It expels vitiated dosha from the joints and other parts of the body by melting and sweating them out.

Our in-house Ayurveda Doctor will give you the necessary directions, to avoid any negative effects:

  • It may not be suitable for people with Pitta imbalance or high blood pressure, as it can increase the heat and pressure in the body.
  • It may cause dehydration or overheating if done for too long or without proper hydration.
  • It may interact with certain medications or herbs, so it is advisable to consult a doctor before using steam therapy.

Therefore, it is important to use steam therapy in moderation and with caution, and to follow the recommended procedures and guidelines for safety and effectiveness.

Far-Infrared Dome Sauna

Tourmaline & Germanium Stones Far-Infrared Dome Sauna

The Benefits

  • Live Longer: Studies have shown up to a 70% decrease in cardiovascular disease risk. Frequent sauna use dramatically increases blood flow throughout the body. In addition to this, core body temperature is elevated along with heart rate, which mimics the effects of a moderate intensity cardio workout.
  • Detoxify: Embrace blood flow, rid the body of harsh chemicals and toxins. Sauna sessions upregulate the body’s natural detox mechanisms, allowing for toxins such as heavy metals, pesticides and even drugs and alcohol. Detox by using a sauna can make you truly feel your best.
  • Immunity: Increase immune system function. Embrace year-round health. Saunas allow for the body to mimic a fever, but in a healthy way. This process increases immunity, keeping you healthy year-round.
  • Brain Function: Stimulate mental clarity and endorphin release. Heat exposure creates a stress response within the body, in turn, creating a release of dopamine, growth hormone, beta endorphins and other hormones that contribute to an amazing post-sauna feeling.
  • Skin Health: Increase collagen production, decrease bacteria, get healthy skin. Far infrared has been shown to increase collagen production, which is a large contributor to keeping skin healthy. Sweating also allows bacteria on the top of skin’s pores to be washed away.
  • Burn Calories: Burn extra calories simply while laying down. As core temperature and heart rate increase, metabolic rate does as well. This means increased caloric burn while in the sauna and during the cooldown period after.
  • Fight Disease: Slow rates of degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Regular sauna sessions have been shown to dramatically decrease rates of neuro degenerative disease, by as much as 65%!
  • Increased Circulation: Experience enhanced full body circulation. Improved circulation can be a true game changer within your health goals. This can dramatically improve cardiovascular function and simply make you feel much better throughout each day.
  • Reduce Inflammation: Lower total body inflammation. Improved circulation can be a true game changer within your health goals. This can dramatically improve cardiovascular function and simply make you feel much better throughout each day.
  • Relieve Pain: Attack muscle and joint pain at its source. Improved circulation can be a true game changer within your health goals. This can dramatically improve cardiovascular function and simply make you feel much better throughout each day.

TOURMALINE is a semi-precious mineral stone well known for its incredible ability to aid in the detoxification process of the human body. It is one of only a handful of minerals that, when heated, can emit negative ions and far-infrared rays. Negative Ions play a key role in helping to detoxify and enhance the body’s overall well-being and have long been associated with improvements in mood and physical health.

Studies have shown the increased incidence of chronic disease is directly related to toxic overflow in the body. Tourmaline produces a detoxifying, cleansing effect on the nervous system, as well as the organs and tissues of the body. It has been shown as a useful aid for improving circulation, reducing stress, improving brain alertness and activating the immune system.

Tourmaline is known to have a highly stabilizing effect on our nerves and is a powerful agent for reducing toxin-related ailments.

  • Relieve stress
  • Increase mental alertness
  • Improve circulation
  • Strengthen the immune system

GERMANIUM is known to immensely detoxify the body of toxic metal substances like mercury and cadmium, Germanium stone is also known to assist with depression, cancer, food allergies, and viral infections. Consider Germanium stone as a strong antioxidant to help support the body’s immune system and blood flow to the brain.

When Far Infrared Rays are absorbed into the various organs of the human body, they activate, revitalize, and strengthen them. They promote micro-circulatory flow within the human body, improving overall health. When heated, Germanium can emit a high percentage of Far Infrared Rays between 4 to 14 microns. This frequency overlaps and resonates with the wavelength of 9 microns emitted by the human body.

Negatively charged ions from millions of germanium atoms attract harmful amounts of charged ions from the body. In this process, hydrogen ions accumulated in the body are combined with oxygen atoms and are eliminated.

Germanium is known to:

  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Increase blood circulation
  • Increase oxygen concentration
  • Accelerate metabolism of somatic cells
  • Control the positive and negative ions in your body
  • Remove harmful toxins
  • Joint and muscular pain relief
  • Relieve physical stress, stiffness, cramps, or discomfort
  • Promote good sleep
  • Slow aging


Herbal Steam Sauna

Herbal Steam Sauna - Benefits

The Benefits

Our herbal steam sauna is a part of the cleansing therapy done after a massage. It helps to remove toxins from the body, correct imbalance in the doshas (primary functional energies) of the body and improve blood circulation. It also helps to clear the respiratory system and prevent mucus membranes from becoming dried up.

Steam bath therapy has various health benefits:

  • Reducing stiffness, cold and all conditions of stagnation
  • Providing relief from general body aches
  • To relieve stress
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Giving relief from joint pain
  • Fat burning and enhancement of the metabolism
  • Easing sore muscles
  • Beautifying your skin

Included services for all retreats:

  • Fresh young coconut as a welcome drink
  • Fresh tropical fruits in the villa every day
  • Fresh fruit and various types of tea in the restaurant
  • THB 500 discount spa voucher per person
  • 2 daily yoga sessions (60 minutes each) in the Prana Yoga Sala or Ananda Yoga Room with one of our experienced teachers, please check the online schedule here
  • Ayurveda copper bottles for healthy drinking water, provided in the villa, refilled unlimitedly free of charge
  • Internet desk service at reception
  • Latest Unifi dual-band mesh WiFi throughout the resort and villas
  • 24-hour use of the salt water treated swimming pool
  • 24-hour use of the fitness center
  • Free use of the Himalayan rock salt infrared sauna (during public hours)
  • Free scheduled shuttle service from the resort to Nai Harn Beach and local markets
  • Free cold refreshing drink by the pool

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