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The Mangosteen Wellness Resort presents: 4 Wellness Escapes, “Vigor”, “Vitalize”, “Relax” and “Toned” Permanent Wellness Retreats with 2 daily Yoga Sessions!


Unique, permanent Wellness Retreat program!

The Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort presents 4 ongoing Wellness Retreats, each with different objectives and inclusions, all developed and supervised by our in-house Ayurveda Doctor and the competent Spa Team. The Resort is a beautiful, adult-only, high comfort Wellness Boutique Resort in the South of Phuket, located on a lush, green hillside with amazing sea views.

A unique combination of vegan meals (non-vegan option available) and life drinks, daily spa treatments, Yoga and Meditation sessions allow you to achieve your well-being targets in a very relaxing, luxury environment.

The all-inclusive Wellness Escape Packages come with very attractive prices for single travelers or couples. Choose from the following 4 programs whenever you are ready to. Book the package today and let us know at any time later which program you wish to choose. Your choice can be adjusted any time, even when you are already at the resort.

Choose your Mangosteen wellness Escape

The Wellness Escapes

Wellness Retreat “VIGOR”

Wellness Retreat “VIGOR”

Yoga Asana, breathing techniques and energy boost matching with nutrition


Purity in the body leads to the extra energy boost. Aided by the healing Yoga Asana and breathing technique and involving meditations along with benefits of eating fresh and light, forms the detox of the body, mind, and spirit.

Our Vigor well-being program is recommended for the ones seeking a mild range of CLEANSE for lazy intestines, periodic pains, swellings, lack of energy and spirit.

Includes a daily dose of natural body scrub, body wrap, massages, or herbal steam to help you feel the goodness from deep within.

Wellness Retreat “VITALIZE”

Wellness Retreat “VITALIZE”

A program that replenishes your energy with active, flexible and focused activities


Vitalize stands for a revamp of your energy, with aim to be flexible, active, and focused; with the right dose of precisely coordinated activities, increasing the lung quotient, oxygenation of the blood, eating and digesting light to keep the body active and immune.

The Vitalize program is for those feeling a lack of energy, concentration, stiffness in muscles and accumulation of fluids in the body.

The treatment also enables points for deep activation of energy with massages, nourishing warm wraps that improve blood circulation and an herbal sauna.

Wellness Retreat “RELAX”

Wellness Retreat “RELAX”

Slow paced treatments that let you release your daily stress most efficiently


Unwind the hidden energies within you with a break from the regular stress and strain with Vinyasa, a form of slow-paced yoga – and deep breathing Pranayama, to help the ever-worrying mind to calm.

The Relax program is recommended to those looking for that perfect wellness break to release the knots and tensions from the muscles, slow down the palpitations and feel the still state of the mind and soul. The program also includes Thai styled massages with Aroma oils and complimenting body treatments that are guaranteed to leave a mesmerizing feel.

Wellness Retreat “TONED”

Wellness Retreat “TONED”

A program that can help your body get rid of excess adipose tissue and fluid


Feel young and free of the extra baggage with balanced yoga poses and energetic breathing to fully stretch the muscles and the skin. Help feeling fit again with a little help of the freshness from the light and wholesome diet plan we offer. A toned appearance gives you that extra will and confidence to carry forward the body rid of excess adipose tissue and fluid from the body, improve blood circulation and nutritional pumping system. The program also includes body scrubs, helping to mobilize the fluid and fat followed by herbal steam, which aids flushing and eliminating fat and fluids to feel a long-lost lightness again.

Wellness Escape Retreats – Highlights
  • Minimum 3 nights’ accommodation in a spacious villa
  • Additional Yoga and Meditation Classes on demand
  • Soul healing meditation practices
  • Freshly made morning ginger shot, healthy morning, and evening immune veggie drink
  • Daily nourishing meals and life-drinks (Breakfast Buffet, Lunch and Dinner, vegan, and non-vegan options available)
  • Spa massages with aromatherapy oils and venerating body treatments
  • Coffee Citric Scrub for 45 minutes
  • Spectrum of varied body wraps included in each different program

Inclusions for all Retreats:

  • Healthy, homemade welcome drink
  • Daily fresh, tropical fruits in the Villa
  • THB 500 discount spa voucher per person
  • 2 daily Yoga Sessions (60 min each) at Prana Yoga Sala with one of our expert teachers, please check online schedule here
  • Ayurveda Copper Bottles for healthy drinking water, supplied in the Villa, free unlimited refill
  • Internet desk service at reception
  • Latest Unifi dual-band Mesh WiFi everywhere in resort area and in the Villas
  • 24-hours use of salt-water treated swimming pool
  • 24-hour use of fitness centre
  • Free use of Himalayan Rock Salt Infrared Sauna (during public hours)
  • Free shuttle services from Resort to Nai Harn Beach and to local markets
  • Cold refreshment drink when returning from Nai Harn Beach back to Mangosteen
Most Common Long Covid Symptoms
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Mangosteen Long-Covid Rehabilitation Programs
A holistic, natural way of healing Long-Covid

Did you know long-term impairment and disability are a common scenario, post viral infections and people who have suffered heavily, or in case of Long-Covid sometimes only mildly, might now be at an extent of suffering from physical and mental, cognitive impairments and disabilities which will require rehabilitation?

The WHO (World Health Organization) defines rehabilitation as "A set of interventions designed to reduce disability and optimize functioning in individuals with health conditions in interaction with their environment."

Rehabilitation might very well be a key strategy to reduce the impact of COVID-19 on the health and function of people. Rehabilitation must be highly person-centered, meaning that the interventions and approach selected for each depend on their goals and preferences at the given conditions and stages of life.

Body movements with Yoga along with Ayurveda or other massages therapies with daily breathing exercises and feeding the body with light and apoptogenic food, are essential to these rehabilitation efforts.

These help to reduce the impact of a broad range of health conditions, including diseases (acute or chronic), illnesses, or post-infection recoveries.

Our spa therapist, yoga teachers and the kitchen team with various disciplines of specialties should work together and draw on the expertise of each other, in creating an atmosphere for your wellbeing that can help in a holistic way of overcoming the weakness, loss of function, loss of quality of life, and poor endurance.

Read about a case study by Dr. A. Subhash Shanbhag here!

AyurYoga Retreat, customized for Long-Covid Rehabilitation

With our AyurYoga Panchakarma Retreat, especially designed for Long-Covid rehabilitation, we include an intensive cleansing of the body and the gut with the age-old proven special techniques by our experienced therapists, along with special tea and herbs selected for everyday tea for the revival of energies, along with the daily YOGA and breathing exercises and healthy food inclusive, we can assure a wholesome rehabilitation process.

The AyurYoga rehabilitation program is suitable for people coping with physical and neurological complications of a COVID-19 infection. Long Covid-19 symptoms can include the typical fatigue syndrome, decline in motor functions, breathlessness, unspecific fears, cough, panic attacks or reduced general resilience and other unspecific symptoms.

Depending on the severeness of each case, a longer duration of stay might be necessary. We recommend at least 14 nights or of course, if possible, longer. An AyurYoga rehabilitation retreat can also be followed by a Vitalize Wellness Escape program.

Wellness Retreat (Vitalize), customized for Long-Covid Rehabilitation

The daily 2 hours of yoga stretches and breathing exercises, with the daily indulgence of detoxifying and relaxing spa treatments, eliminate the toxins from the body and reduce the generalized inflammation with the vegan full board meal plan, sweating out at the Himalayan salt infrared sauna helps in the holistic revitalization.

It is recommended to start the rehabilitation program with a minimum of two weeks of our AyurYoga Retreat, followed by the Vitalize Wellness Retreat to extend the time of the process.

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