Shirodhara Takradhara (Buttermilk)
55 Minutes

The process of slow stream of medicated herbal buttermilk is poured with the help of a Dhara vessel to be placed over the forehead in a way nonstop stream of buttermilk poured on the patient’s forehead. The tip of dharavarti or the flow tip should be 6-7 cms (four-finger equivalent) above the forehead. The therapist keeps swinging the vessel slowly across the patient's head so that the buttermilk flow is covered entire forehead without interruption. Simultaneously the head is lightly massaged for better effect

Buttermilk added with various cooling herbs is poured on the forehead which alleviates anxieties, insomnia, and migraine and is good for people suffering from skin ailments, recommended in Pitta dosha and its disorders,  indicated in psychosomatic disorders, insomnia, tension headache, highly effective in the treatment of premature greying of hairs, issues and cracks insole and palm.

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