Marma Therapy


Energy Point Massage
55 Minutes of massage to stimulate and release the tensions accumulated at the Vital points termed as MARMAS by applying certain amounts of pressure, which helps in supporting the flow of Prana.

The science of Marma (vital point) mentioned in Ayurveda that has a tremendous value while performing surgery and massage therapy.

Marmas are certain vital points spread all over the surface of the human body. These are the places where the Prana (life force) is said to be situated. Marma, definitions of Marmas, types of Marmas, symptoms produced after injuries to these Marmas, and their treatment are described by nearly all Ayurvedic texts, Marmas range in size from very small to very large, from special points along the hands and feet to significant regions on the trunk of the body like the heart or the navel. When manipulated, Marmas can alter both the organic functions and structural conditions of the body. Little injuries to these Marma points or anatomical areas can be of lager impact on our body functioning comparing with major injuries at anywhere else in the body,

Marma Therapy, Vital energy points are stimulated by applying certain amounts of pressure, which helps in supporting the flow of Prana, "the vital force" within the body, clearing any obstruction from the energy channels. Dosha type herbal oil is used to soothe your skin and to nourish vital parts of the body.

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