25 Minutes

Nasyam, installation of herbal medicines through the nostrils helps to clear blocked sinuses and head channels, stimulating the brain cells and central nervous system.

The mucous membrane of the air sinuses in the facial bone is repeatedly affected by internal and external causes. Chronic collection of fluid or phlegm or inflammation in the air sinuses is normal in a person with a deviated nasal septum or other chronic diseases causing regular nasal irritation, nasal block, sneezing, headache, nasal discharge, Itching eyes, ears, pharynx, etc. effecting

On a comfortable massage bed in lying position with no air condition special herbal oil is applied to the nasal area, forehead, around the eyes, external ears, neck, shoulder and followed by a circular movement massage all over the neck and forehead area. In Nasya therapy, 4 drops of slightly warm Anu thaila or other chosen herbal preparation is instilled drop by drop by a Nasya yantra in left side nostril while closing the right nostril, and then into right nostril while closing the left nostril followed by a fumigation or heat towel application over the face to loosen the contents of the sinuses and increase the blood circulation.

Nasya is a powerful rejuvenating therapy and one of the PANCHAKARMA therapies, that clears up excessive mucus from the upper respiratory tract improves blood circulation to brain relieving migraines and other types of headaches. It also helps to boost up memory power, hair growth, and immunity.


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