Karna Poorna


Instillation of warm medicated alkaline herbal oil into the ear helps in maintain ear health, loosen the impacted wax, and relives earaches of noninfective origin.

Karnapoorana is a treatment that aids persons in getting prepared for the Panchakarma cleansing program. A unique method of regular practice mentioned in the Dinacharya (daily regimes) of Ayurveda health practices has a significant effect on the functioning of the hearing senses.

Instilling herbal oil preparations in the ear canal after a gentle massage with lukewarm medicated oil around the ear and pinna helps oil get absorbed by skin lining external auditory meatus and tympanic membrane and reaches systemic blood flow. The warmness from the oil helps in relieving any local inflammation thus recommended in earaches, and by the counter effect of heat, it also relieves the pain of nearby structures like the mandible or other related areas in the neck.

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