How it works!

A special booking system for a special resort experience!

The Mangosteen Online Reservation System is cart based for extra convenience. This allows the selection of any possible combination of programs and villas.

  • Choose your travel dates.
  • Select your program first, select the number of people for each program.
  • Combine two different programs, for yourself and your partner, if you wish.
  • Select the villa type and the number of villas in the next step. Important: for each villa, select the number of guests, staying inside.
  • Select the add-ons, airport transfers for example.
  • Check-out and submit your data to us.

Important: There is no bank connected to the system, so even if it looks that way, you are not paying yet. We will double check your selections, reconfirm all to you by email and only when everything is alright, your card will be charged.

An Example: Let’s say, you are 5 people, choosing to stay in 3 villas. This can all be done in one booking. Select the programs, one per person, choose 3 villas, 2 with double occupancy and once with single occupancy! Done.

Thank you very much for your reservation. We are happy having you on board!

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