Ayurveda’s Potential for Alleviating Long Covid Symptoms

Ayurveda’s Potential for Alleviating Long Covid Symptoms

Ayurveda’s Potential for Alleviating Long Covid Symptoms

In a world where health challenges continue to emerge, the search for holistic and natural remedies gains momentum. Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine originating from India, has captured the attention of many seeking alternatives to conventional treatments. As the global medical community grapples with the complexities of Long Covid, Ayurveda offers a ray of hope for those seeking relief from its lingering symptoms. In this article, we delve into the fundamental principles of Ayurveda and explore how this ancient practice may provide benefits to individuals dealing with Long Covid.

Understanding Ayurveda

Ayurveda, often referred to as the “science of life,” is a holistic healthcare system that dates back over 5,000 years. Its roots are deeply embedded in the Indian subcontinent, where it has evolved into a comprehensive approach to wellness that takes into account the interconnectedness of the mind, body, and spirit. Ayurveda focuses on maintaining balance and harmony within the body to promote overall health and prevent diseases.

Central Principles of Ayurveda

Doshas: Ayurveda categorizes individuals into three primary doshas—Vata, Pitta, and Kapha—each representing different elements and qualities within the body. Long Covid symptoms often disrupt the balance of these doshas, leading to various health issues.

Diet and Lifestyle: Ayurveda emphasizes the importance of a balanced diet and lifestyle tailored to an individual’s constitution. This approach can play a crucial role in managing Long Covid symptoms, as personalized dietary choices can aid in recovery and healing.

Herbal Remedies: Ayurveda relies heavily on natural herbs and plant-based remedies to address imbalances and restore well-being. These herbs possess potential properties that might alleviate Long Covid symptoms such as fatigue, inflammation, and respiratory distress.

Benefits of Ayurveda for Long Covid
  1. Immune System Support: Long Covid can compromise the immune system, leaving individuals susceptible to infections and chronic inflammation. Ayurveda offers a range of immune-boosting herbs like Ashwagandha, Tulsi, and Amalaki that may aid in strengthening the body’s defense mechanisms.
  2. Stress and Anxiety Management: Prolonged health challenges can lead to heightened stress and anxiety. Ayurveda’s focus on mindfulness, meditation, and relaxation techniques can assist individuals in managing these psychological aspects of Long Covid.
  3. Respiratory Health: Ayurvedic practices include Pranayama (breathing exercises) that can help improve lung function and respiratory health. This could be particularly beneficial for Long Covid patients dealing with lingering breathing difficulties.
  4. Inflammation Reduction: Many Long Covid symptoms involve inflammation in various parts of the body. Ayurvedic herbs like Turmeric and Ginger are known for their anti-inflammatory properties, potentially offering relief from discomfort.
  5. Digestive Health: Gastrointestinal issues are common among Long Covid sufferers. Ayurveda’s emphasis on gut health and digestion optimization might aid in alleviating digestive concerns associated with the condition.
  6. Energy Restoration: Fatigue is a prevailing symptom of Long Covid. Ayurveda’s personalized approach to diet, lifestyle, and herbal remedies can contribute to restoring energy levels and combating exhaustion.
  7. Holistic Approach: Ayurveda doesn’t merely address the physical symptoms but also takes into account mental and emotional well-being. This holistic approach aligns with the multi-faceted nature of Long Covid recovery.

The road to recovery from Long Covid can be arduous and complex, prompting individuals to explore various avenues for relief. Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom, grounded in its holistic principles, offers a unique perspective on health that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. While research on the application of Ayurveda to Long Covid is still in its nascent stages, the potential benefits it holds for immune support, stress management, respiratory health, inflammation reduction, and overall well-being are compelling.

It’s important to note that Ayurveda is not a substitute for conventional medical treatment. Consulting with healthcare professionals and integrating Ayurvedic practices as complementary approaches can provide a comprehensive strategy for managing Long Covid symptoms. As the medical community continues to search for effective solutions, Ayurveda stands as a beacon of hope, offering a holistic approach that respects the intricate balance between human physiology and the environment.

Ayurveda Talks with Dr. Asghar and Dr. Nezeem

Ayurveda Talks with Dr. Asghar and Dr. Nezeem

This event is an opportunity for you to get more insight into the modern practice of Ayurveda from our in-house Dr. Nezeem and our guest Dr. Asghar C.P., the founder of Ayurveda Greens Clinic & Educational Center in Azyur, India. Both doctors were born and raised in Kerala, the cradle of Ayurveda.
The talk will be moderated by two Ayurveda Greens students, Ania and Rose, who is also the owner of the resort. The intention behind the creation of this event is to share tools of wellness and bring Ayurveda closer to everyone who is open to its wisdom. The introduction of Ayurveda into a modern lifestyle begins with self-inquiry. Once we get to know ourselves, our bodies, qualities, and challenges, only then can we work on improving them. It teaches us to see everything as balanced or imbalanced and provides a vast variety of ancient tools to indicate vitiations and bring everything back into the natural state of harmony.
The talk will be held on the 2nd of August, at 4:15pm, between our regular Wednesday activities in the beautiful Ananada Room, afternoon yoga, and Singing Bowl Meditation with Kru Dao. For this Wednesday, for the 3pm Yoga session, from all our wonderful yoga teachers we choose Sagar to teach the original Hatha Yoga style. Sagar is Mangosteen’s in-house Yoga teacher from Rishikesh, the capital of Yoga, and Mangosteen’s Wellness Coordinator.
Program Timetable:
3:00 pm Agatha Yoga session with Sagar
4:15 pm Ayurveda Talks // open discussion and Q&A
6:30 pm Singing Bowls Meditation with Kru Dao
800 THB // For outside guests // event + tea / fresh juice / use of yoga mat
For all our guests and #greensayurveda patients & students from all over the world, we will organize Facebook Live Stream, and provide the link here, so everyone can join and ask questions.
750 THB // Optional Satvik Dinner and Drink after the event at Mangosteen Restaurant
We are Looking forward to Talk about Ayurveda with all of you!
– Capacity is Limited – please reserve your spot at the reception or by sending a msg on WhatsApp at +66 91041 5615
Mangosteen Ayurveda Talk Event Poster
Mangosteen Ayurveda Talks Brochure 1
Mangosteen Ayurveda Talks Brochure 2
Wellness Consultant Kirstin Gourlay

Wellness Consultant Kirstin Gourlay

Wellness Consultant Kirstin Gourlay

Dear Mangosteen Guests,

Every Sunday 7.30 – 8.30 am, Kistin is teaching Meditation Breathwork at the Mangosteen. We strongly recommend you join this excellent way to begin another beautiful day.

After the session there is an opportunity to meet Kirstin and arrange an appointment for a personal Wellness Consultation, usually on the same day.

The session is offered at a promotional rate of 1.000 Baht per person only.

Here is Kistin Gourlay’s Bio:

Kirstin is a Whole Being Wellness Consultant.

Whole Being Wellness is a process of change through which people improve their health and wellness, live a Self-directed life, and reach their full potential.

Kirstin was born in and has spent most of her life in Asia. Her life experience has been one of blending east and west, ancient and modern, and her work reflects this. She operates at the intersection of ancient wisdom and modern science, intuitively drawing from evidenced based epigenetics and mind body medicine.

Through her work in emotional health and addiction recovery, she has learned patterns of the mind and body, and how to approach them to achieve lasting change. She demystifies the mystical, so people have all the tools within their reach to make miraculous changes in their lives. What she has learned over the years is that there is no one size fits all. We are dynamic human beings, and we require a multitude of modalities.

Kirstin’s work supports people to find balance and increase vitality in their lives. This path is for those who have an inner knowing that there is more to life, that we have an untapped potential and when we learn how to access this, we can upgrade life and live out our dreams.

Kirstin is certified in modalities including the Psychoeducation of Human Behaviour, Yoga and Breathwork, Meditation and Mindfulness. She is a Transformational Life Coach, Recovery Coach and Addiction Counsellor, a Cleanse Consultant, and Energy Worker.

Please speak to her on Sunday, if you have any questions, or book a session right now (button below).

We believe this would be an enlightening experience and wish you once more, a pleasant stay.

Healthy greetings from,

Rose & Hajo von Keller
Managing Directors / Owners
🏆 Number 1 Ayurveda Resort in Thailand 🏆

Member of Healing Hotels of the World

A superb combination

A superb combination

A superb combination

Reviewed February 6, 2023, via mobile

We have done Ayurveda all over the world, but this was by far the best combination. Indian style treatments in a nice, cozy, family-style resort, secluded and tranquil, but bustling Phuket outside around the corner. The beaches and yes, the shopping and night markets.
We spent a wonderful two weeks at the Mangosteen, and it could not have been better. A big thank you to all the team: helpful, efficient, and friendly. If you are looking for Ayurveda, Yoga or both, the Mangosteen is definitely a place to consider. We will come back- for sure!

Rudi + Isabella

Date of stay: February 2023
Trip type: Traveled as a couple
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20 Years Anniversary

20 Years Anniversary

Mangosteen’s 20 Year Birthday


We have celebrated 🥳 the resorts 20th anniversary together 🎉! You have been invited to join us on March 26th.

👍 Free activity program “Body & Mindfulness” with different styles of Yoga 🧘‍♀️ classes, healing sessions, meditations, and Qi Gong, will be presented by our professional Yoga teachers. Don’t miss it!

👍 Please the activity schedule here and register for our FREE activities: 

  • 13:00 – Magnesium Scrub Workshop by Kru Kirstin @ Ananda Yoga Room
  • 13:00 – Qi Gong by Kru Carey @ Prana Yoga Sala
  • 14:00 – Hatha Yoga Stretch Class by Kru Koong @ Ananda Yoga Room
  • 14:00 – Pranayama & Meditation by Kru Pin @ Prana Yoga Sala
  • 15:00 – Acro Yoga for Beginners by Kru Nuya @ Prana Yoga Sala
  • 15:00 – Healthy Living Style in Ayurveda by Dr. Nezeem @ Ananda Yoga Room
  • 16:00 – Spine Mobility by Kru Orlando @ Prana Yoga Sala
  • 16:00 – Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class with Kru Ann @ Ananda Yoga Room
  • 17:00 – Singing Bowl Meditation with Kru Dao @ Ananda Yoga Room

19:00 – Party on the pool deck with DJ, buffet

✳️ All the pictures of the day are here.

Activity Schedule Mangosteen 26th Daytime
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