Shirodhara Tailadhara (Oil)
55 Minutes

Stream of the slow flow of essential oils or medicated fluids (or simply water) is known as Shirodhara. It literally means ‘Shir: head and dhara: flow’ in the Sanskrit language.

It is among the Panchakarma traditional Ayurvedic procedure of pouring of warm herbal, medicate based in Sesame oil over the third eye chakra, "vital energy point located in the center of forehead" helps in improving blood circulation, increasing oxygen, nutrients and energy flow to the Brain, activating depressed areas of the brain, alleviating fatigue, depression, mental stress, improving concentration powers, psychosomatic disorders, psoriasis, hypertension and lack of sleep.

Helpful in eliminating various ailments, diseases, impairments. The procedure involves placing a copper or porcelain vessel suspended just above the head of the client and the liquids flow out gently in the center of the forehead


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