Chakra Balancing


85 Minutes

Balance your energy chakras by meditating while your therapist performs a particular type of massage in a suite filled with a blend of essential oils, awakening seven chakras of the body, transforming energy from the healing stones, which opens up all body chakras and cleanses any obstruction in the channels creating a free flow of energy throughout the body.

Chakras ( often translated as “circle” or “wheel”) refer to centralized locations where subtle energy channels, known as nadis. Understanding more about these energy centers can inspire us to understand ourselves on a deeper, more multidimensional level are as follows:

Muladhara Chakra: The Root represented by the color red. Muladhara governs the prime urges: food, sleep, sex, and self-preservation. Its energetic function is to help maintain a sense of groundedness and inner stability.

Svadhisthana Chakra: The Sacral represented by the color orange. Svadhisthana governs fluidity, adaptability, creativity, emotions, sexual energy, and the unconscious. The second chakra’s energetic function is to help us regulate our emotions and desires.

Manipura Chakra: The Solar represented by the color yellow. Manipura gives us the confidence we need to process and eliminate what does not serve us and to let it go.

Anahata Chakra: The Heart represented by the color green. Anahata is associated with the air element, and with emotional qualities such as peace, love, and openness. Energetically, Anahata helps us tap into unconditional love.

Vishuddha Chakra: The Throat represented by the color blue. Vishuddha is associated with the element ether, or “space” (akasha), and with speaking one’s truth. Its energetic function is to help us find authentic self-expression.

Ajna Chakra: The Third Eye represented by the color Indigo. Ajna is held to be the center of intuition, vision, prophecy, imagination, inner knowing, and self-assurance. The energetic function of Ajna chakra is to help us learn to know ourselves: emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Sahasrara Chakra: The Crown represented by the color Violet. Sahasrara serves as a way of connecting to divine energy and is associated with our highest self. Sahasrara helps us function in a more enlightened way, cultivate self-mastery, and find a sense of connection with all.

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