“Me and my friend live in Bangkok and went on a 8-day Ayurvedic panchakarma detox. To flush all toxins and build up ama in our body. We had a fully guided and customized program for me and my friend who each have a different Dosha.

The program we had was in combination of 2x a day a relaxing ying, hatha, vinyasa or kundalini yoga, we tried them all. The staff was so helpful, friendly, and always ready to serve us with a smile! During an Ayurvedic detox the food is customized for what our body needs and was a healthy mix of different dishes each day, of course, vegetarian! But the kitchen serves more than Ayurvedic choices, if for example you come with a partner that doesn’t do the detox, he/she can choose out of many Thai and International dishes.
I came with a purpose; I had pain in my bones and hands, and although it’s not completely gone, since Ayurveda is not a magic pill but an improvement of your symptoms, I am definitely feeling 80% better. Less stiff, less bloated, less pain. I will continue with the doctors’ recommendations for the coming weeks to follow up at home, and I am convinced that in the end I will be pain free!

If you have any health issues, I can wholeheartedly recommend Mangosteen resort and the residing dr. Subhash to help you find a plan to ease some of your issues.”

Mireille Vogelsang - Stayed in Oct 2020
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