Holiday and Health, perfectly combined. We want you to enjoy your holiday, having a great time at the resort and the area.

We offer various kinds of Ayurveda Cures, Wellness Escapes, Anti-Ageing and Rejuvenation Packages but the Mangosteen is still a holiday resort, not a Clinique or a Hospital. All programs are guided by highly qualified teachers, experienced and professional. Your meals are supposed to benefit, helping to achieve your goals, however they also must be enjoyable and tasty. We enjoy when we see our guests looking forward to the next meal because they love the food. Aromatic, fresh and healthy.

Enjoying benefits without suffering or starving, taking part of the daily activities whilst enjoying the rest of the day exploring the amazing Island of Phuket.

Our team is ready to assist you organizing all kind of activities, from golfing to diving, whilst you join our activity program during your stay.

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