Tropical Gardens – Amazing Views – One of Phuket’s best Pools!

The Mangosteen tropical gardens are carefully designed to keep an authentic, natural feel. Original trees were kept or relocated wherever possible, lots of earth was moved to backfill around each villa, so it looks like it would stand on natural ground. The team is not using chemicals to treat plants, also pest control is carried out with biodegradable herbal oils. What a beautiful, mature garden environment! Each Villa is surrounded by lush vegetation, lay down in your hammock and relax in this tropical paradise. Our gardener team is working hard to make it more and more amazing every day!

Visit our Prana Sala and the artificial waterfall nearby. The newly added waterfall produces a soothing sound and creates a very relaxing atmosphere.

The resorts center attraction is a 680 sqm free-form swimming pool, which is salt-water treated. It is the in the heart of the resort, located between Spa, Reception and Restaurant. We do not add any chemicals to the pool water, which is why it can be used 24 hours a day. Have a swim under the stars late at night or early morning, enjoy the pool in total privacy. The water temperature is between 26 and 30 degrees all year round, which invites to stay longer.

Swim around the restaurant in the swimming channel, get a back massage from one of the 14 waterfalls surrounding it. Because the resort is adult-only, you can enjoy the peaceful, calm atmosphere any time.

Mangosteen Tropical Garden

tropical gardens waterfall